Easiest Way to Compare LED Lights

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We've already covered "How to Buy LED Lights" in a previous post, but there's a golden formula that will help you assess which lights you should be buying when shopping for aftermarket headlights for your Wrangler. 

It's as simple as figuring our the Cost-per-Lumen:

[# of Lumens] / [price] = [Cost-per-lumen] 

Let's compare our Semi-Halo headlight against a Ralu LED Headlight:

Ralu LED - [3600 lumens] / [$205] = [.057 Cost-per-lumen]

JWH - [800 lumens] / [$180] = [.041 Cost-per-lumen]

Now you'll know next time you're comparing seemingly similiar lights!

As always, let us know if we can answer any questions by emailing us customersupport@jeepwranglerheadlights.com 

-JWH Team

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