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$100 off All LED Headlights + free shipping. Discount already applied.
$100 off All LED Headlights + free shipping. Discount already applied.
Jeep LJR with LED headlights and daytime running lamps

Troubleshooting LED Headlight Problems.

Regardless if you've bought from us or another brand, your new lights may not be working exactly how you thought they would right away. 

Whether you're experiencing some flickering, one light not working at all or the LEDs only working on high or low beam - here's a checklist for you to troubleshoot the problem:

For LED Flickering

Flickering happens for two main reasons: your car doesn't understand why the headlights aren't pulling as much power or a connection is loose somewhere. To troubleshoot:

  1. Install an anti-flicker harness if you don't already have one. 
  2. Check all your connections, especially if you're only experiencing problems with one light. 
  3. If your connections seem tight, switch the problem headlight over to the other side but leave the connector on the original side. If the headlight doesn't flicker anymore then you've either got a bad connector or a loose connection on that side. 
  4. If you've ensured all the connectors work, have anti-flickers installed - uninstall the anti-flickers to see if the lights work without them. Sometimes anti-flickers can be faulty as well. 

One Light Not Working

9/10 times this is due to a loose connection or faulty connector. If only one light is having problems you want to isolate variables to find the problem:

  1. Switch only the headlight to the other side - leave the connector and anti-flicker on the original side. If the light works on the opposite side, then it's either a loose connection or a faulty piece. 
  2. To see if you have faulty parts, change the connector over to the working side. If that side now doesn't work, then you've got a bad connector. Repeat process with the anti-flicker harness. 
  3. To troubleshoot loose connections, inspect the plastic harnesses that the connector and anti-flicker harness has to make sure the metal piece have good contact between the factor harness and the aftermarket piece. If metal tabs are bent, that's a sign there's a bad connection. 
  4. If you've isolated all the variables and you've determined you've got a bad light, talk to the company to get a replacement. (For our customers, email

Something else?

Even if you didn't buy from us - send us an email and we will do our best to help!

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Black Dog Mods - April 2, 2020

We had the same problem with flickering after we installed LED headlights. Once we installed the anti-flickering harness we haven’t had an issue since. Thanks for the article!

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